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Savvy Writers & e-Books online

, many accomplished published authors skip this powerful marketing tool – or don’t know about it. Once your book goes live on Amazon you are eligible for an Amazon Author Central Account.  Best of all: There is no advertising on the site, just a (great large) image of your book, your reviews and the book description.

Not only get your website a very high page rank, Author Central tools are very effective in marketing your Kindle books and promoting yourself as a published author.

How to set up your Amazon Author Central Account

Once published, expect to receive an email from Kindle Direct Publishing announcing the news and inviting you to create your Amazon Author Central Account.  Note your book ASIN enclosed in the email. You will need this to locate your book later and associate it to you as the author.

You need separate accounts for the…

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Il lettore digitale

Poche settimane fa avevo dedicato un post al Kindle Touch a quando sarebbe arrivato in Italia ecc., proprio ieri ne avevo scritto un altro al dispositivo di Amazon e al suo sistema chiuso. Oggi Jeff Beozs mi stupisce annunciando lo sbarco dell’ereader per eccellenza in Italia non solo nella sua veste Touch ma pure in quella Touch 3G gratuita.

Se volete conoscere tutti i particolari io ho letto l’articolo di Antonio Larizza sul “Sole 24 ORE”: “Amazon svela il Kindle Touch 3G con connessione a internet gratis. In Italia dal 27 aprile” oppure andare a sbirciarne le caratteristiche su Amazon, cliccate qui per la scheda dell’ereader sempre connesso offerto a 189 euro. Inutile dire come sia allettante una proposta del genere? 😉

Ho sempre trovato importante – non decisiva, altrimenti non avrei comprato il mio Kobo Touch – la disponibilità ad accedere a internet anche senza un…

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Booktalking #kidlit: Anastasia Suen's Blog

Picture Book of the Day

Big Little Brother
by Kevin Kling (Author) and Chris Monroe (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Being an older brother has its benefits, of that there’s little doubt. But how would you feel if your little brother grew to be bigger than you?

It’s my own fault.
I wanted a little brother.

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Chapter Book of the Day

The Faerie Ring
by Kiki Hamilton (Author)
352 pages

Booktalk: The year is 1871, and Tiki has been making a home for herself and her family of orphans in a deserted hideaway adjoining Charing Cross Station in central London. Their only means of survival is by picking pockets. One December night, Tiki steals a ring, and sets off a chain of events that could lead to all-out war with the Fey. For the ring belongs to Queen Victoria, and it binds the rulers of England and…

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When was the last time you came across a book or a publishing company’s ad campaign?  I’m not sure if there are even campaigns that advocate the art of reading.  What would it look like?  If I had the honor, I’d probably get a big piece of white paper and write READ in bold stencil all across it.  How original.

  A lasting impression of a reading-related campaign I ever saw was by Penguin Books.  Looking beyond their success of publishing millions of bestsellers globally, one of the biggest factors that has continued to contribute to its success, in my opinion, is their branding.  Considering that it’s merely a tiny logo that barely gets prioritized as a consumer’s purchasing decision, Penguin Books has evolved into an internationally recognized icon.  Not a lot of publishing companies spend on marketing campaigns.  I think they assume that they are automatically put on the…

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authentic learning

I have blogged about Singapore’s FutureSchools projects in the past, and this latest clip from Edutopia would seem to indicate that serious progress is being made. The true success of this initiative, of course, will be the extent to which these practices will be rolled out to all schools in Singapore, and in this respect, professional development will be critical.

An interesting point to emerge from this video is that the approach taken to professional development in the FutureSchools project is to embrace the same participatory learning culture they are nurturing in their classrooms. Using technology, there is group peer observation of class sessions with the dual objective of learning from one another and providing constructive feedback.

More formal education and training in the use of ICTs in the classroom (in K-12 or higher education) is not that widely available. The Asian International College in Singapore is aiming to fix…

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Safari Books Online's Official Blog

By Liza Daly, Vice-President of Engineering at Safari Books Online

IBM DeveloperWorks has posted my article on designing ebooks in the latest version of the open standard for ebooks, EPUB 3: Create rich-layout publications in EPUB 3 with HTML5, CSS3, and MathML.

Summary: EPUB 3.0, which is the latest revision of the industry-standard XML e-book format, jumps into modern web technology by embracing HTML5 and CSS3. It retains its focus on XML-driven toolkits by requiring XHTML serialization and adding supplementary XML vocabularies, such as MathML and SVG. EPUB 3 offers a variety of options for developing advanced, digital-native publications. In this article, learn to create rich-layout pages using some new features in EPUB 3.

Some implementation details not included in the post:

  • While a MathML example is shown running in iBooks, iBooks doesn’t yet fully support all or even most of MathML. Originally I had assumed this was a…

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