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E books , HTML 5, I books, ePub 3 , Fixed layout Books ,Interactive Book Apps & Digital Typesetting


I would like to introduce myself as Nataraj Sasid from EquireTechnologies . Equiretech is one of the leading providers of content and media technology solutions and services to world’s leading media, publishing and information services companies likeSmart kids USA,Cengage,NatGeo,Abc melody France,Gemser Spain,Santillana,Mobcast,Hachette France, Egmont and many more top publisher. We help our client in creating and managing content more efficiently and economically.

If given an opportunity we would like to be your outsourcing partner for the below services whereby we can help to reduce the production cost and faster time-to-market with good quality.

Equiretech’s expertise include in Media solutions- e-learning digital talking books| Conversion- XML, HTML, NIMAS| Accessible PDF|Composition and Editorial services| EBooks for various devices like iPad, Kindle, Sony, iPhone etc.,

Composition & Editorial Services:

  • Typesetting – Multilingual ( German, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch and Scandinavian )
  • Expertise in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Latex, Framemaker
  • Project Management
  • Copyediting & Proof reading
  • Front- end– XML Workflow print & multiple digital outputs

Artwork and Graphic Design:

  • Expertise in graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MacroMedia, Corel Draw, Aldus Freehand, Mathematica.
  • Graphic Reproduction, High end color scanning
  • Image retouching and manipulation, Relabeling and redrawing
  • Digital proofing, Art Rendering
  • Technical and medical drawing
  • Animation Graphics


Our innovative, cost-efficient and XML-enabled publishing strategies can help you develop operational strategies to achieve your organization’s goal.

Please feel free to send us a sample to check our quality and pricing to


Nataraj Sasid

Head – Business Development


Mob 91-9787916916


Digital Publishing Talk

This Post

This post is going to jump into one of the most important file types in the digital publishing industry, the EPUB. I won’t go into specifics in this post, but EPUB will be a recurring theme throughout many of my blogs, so I thought it would be worthwhile to examine its origins and originators.

What is an EPUB?

An EPUB or electronic publication is officially defined by its creator and maintainer, the International Digital Publishing Forum, as “the distribution and interchange format standard for digital publications and documents based on Web Standards.” The current version, approved in October of 2011, is 3.0. (


In addition to the creation and maintaining of EPUB specifications, the IDPF additionally encourages all professionals in the digital publishing industry to communicate through two primary means. The first is through the annual conference, this year being called the “IDPF Digital…

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Yes, it is becoming an excellent experience to look throught the Indian companies and the one I stopped by was one of the rapidly growing companies in iPhones Application developments. Suggested from its name, Techgenie is genienly a company that holds some of the top minds from the IT industry of India and is already in spotlight for its multitude of specialities in Iphone application developments. With an ambition to top ‘Fortune 500 companies list’, Banglore-based Indian company has already launched more than 50 applications in almost all fields in demand nowadays.

However, I believe, the field in which campany can easily make its place in some of the most desirable companies, is iphone multimedia applications. Since iphone has moved step ahead of being simply a device to communicate with each other, developers and design team at Techgenie has probe deep in their minds to develope user friendly iphone…

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Earth and Moon We dream. We write. We weigh our options and then choose a path. For some, it is the pathway of self-publishing. We’re reaching for the stars… preferably the five stars of book ratings. Our dream is in our hands as we hold our very first baby, I mean…novel, in our own hands. We have succeeded! Uh, well…almost. As we examine our first-born we see defects that shouldn’t be there. And then we look closer…where did that come from or, how did that get past the editor?
Now, as I have gotten older, I don’t seem to take myself as seriously as I once did. But what I am looking at in my book I take very seriously. And what I see is something I thought the editors (you know, the people I had to pay) were supposed to fix. You see, I’m a storyteller…not a grammatical genius. I love…

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Musings and Marvels

The last of the four part Understanding EPUB 3.0 webcast series was dedicated to a case study, presented by Kaplan Publishing. To read the about the other three webcasts, please see my posts EPUB3, EPUB 3.0 Workflow, and The New Kindle Format (KF8).

Kaplan students are very attached to print products, since they’ve developed their study skills around them. So the question was, how to deliver an experience to students that would transition them from print to digital? To test this, Kaplan developed three different ebooks that tested the limits of EPUB 3.

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E books , HTML 5, I books, ePub 3 , Fixed layout Books & Interactive Book applications

I would like to introduce myself as Nataraj Sasid from Equire Technologies. To tell you briefly about our company, 

we are established in Pondicherry( Former French Colony) , India, to cater to Publishers in USA and Europe like 

Smart kids USA,Cengage,NatGeo,Abc melody France,Gemser Spain,Santillana,Mobcast,Hachette France, Egmont 

and many more top publisher around the world for their prepress services like composition and Epub formats. 

Our New media Team which handles Flash and Mobile Apps (IOS and Android) at most affordable prices in the

 market. You can be rest assured of the quality of work and fast delivery of it.


We will be glad to get an appointment with your company with regard to publishing services we offer like Fixed Layout 

Books,e Pub 3, HTML 5, and Interactive Applications along with prepress services like Typesetting and Copy editing

or you can also test us by doing a free demo job.



It will be great if we can meet personally or over phone to discuss further about the services we provide in detail request you

 to provide us an appoint for just about an hour out of your busy schedule so that we can make a presentation of our company .

Please also find the YouTube video for some of the complex books we have done .


Connecting Social Care and Social Media

Click Guide to Children's Services CoverMany organizations are looking to rationalize their publishing strategy, realizing that digital publishing has come of age and that substantial cost-savings can be made by switching from print to digital formats. However simply transferring all publications to web publishing carries risks. There is a growing body of evidence that readers do not engage as thoroughly with materials published on the web as they do with printed materials (or materials that are presented in other digital contexts, such as e-books). And where readers are printing out materials from the web, there is a reputational risk from transferring the burden and the cost of printing from your organization to theirs (or to them personally).

There is an alternative, however, which achieves the benefits for your organization of switching from print to digital publishing, yet avoids these risks. This is to make your publications available in print-on-demand and e-book formats. There are…

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The eBook’s phenomenon was first brainstormed in the 1930’s when a man by the name of Bob Browne thought of the concept when watching his first movie with sound.
In the 1970s, an e-book implementation called the Dynabook was created, this was able to display books for reading, digitally.
In 1992, Sony launched the Data Discman, an electronic book reader that could read e-books via CDs.
In 2007, Amazon launched one of the most popular eBook readers today, the Kindle. 
In 2012, Apple released iBooks, an app that could be used on Macs, iPhones, iPod and iPads. 

eBooks are fantastic for being able to store so many books, on such a small product. With so many more competitors entering the market share, the products are becoming cheaper.
A consumer can store, broadcast and publish details using an eBook.
As several of the flipped lectures suggest, the world is so…

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