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How to Submit Your Book to Barnes&Noble?

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You might be already on Amazon, but you want to get into Barnes & Noble, the second-biggest book retailer, next to Amazon. You also want to have your book on Apples iPad, Baker & Taylor, Waterstones, WH Smith, Gardner’s (60+ retailers including Tesco, Book Depository, Hive, and Kalahari), Ingram (50+ retailers including BooksonBoars, Diesel,, and including libraries?

Want to receive payments once a month?
Paid via electronic transfer, GB£ cheque, or PayPal in any currency.

Are you living outside the USA, you are an Indie Author / self-published and you don’t want to go through all the hassle with opening a US branch? And you don’t want that aggregators (who call themselves often publishers) get a fat commission every time your book is sold – for years? 

You want to keep 100% of the royalties you get from online / off-line retailers?
Don’t want to go…

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Which is the Best reading device Ipad/KF8/Nook or which one?

The digital publishing industry has changed so much after the launch of ipad. Now we are having new devices being launched every month with added features and distinct cost advantages. With the content being so much interactive with use of html 5 and Interactive book apps especially in children book the publishers or confused to choose the format to convert and the reader are confused in the devices to buy. The best solution for this will be a global format which can be loaded in any device which will result in reducing cost for publishers as they a stick to a single format so that the end user will also be benefited from this .Will IDPF  would be able to take a call on this.


Please provide your valuable feedback  on how to sort out this challenge ?