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Flash to HTML 5 Conversion Made Easier

Digital content delivery has matured significantly since its initial beginnings, a stage which was characterized by users facing compatibility issues. Content managers had a multitude of options when it came to creating content. But the more important question was how to make this content reach the widest possible audience who used a wide variety of devices and platforms.

A few events in the digital publishing industry have characterized the future of Flash development:

(i) Apple’s rejection of Flash as the platform of choice for digital content dissemination
(ii) Discontinuation of Flash support for mobile devices, and
(iii) Introduction of the HTML 5 standard by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Among the three events captured above, the drive towards adoption of the HTML 5 assumes more significance. Touted as a vendor neutral standard, it is expected to bring about a level of standardization in content dissemination that benefits all stakeholders. However, the more important question for content developers, particularly Flash professionals, is how to ensure the portability of the huge base of Flash content that has already been created, to HTML 5.

Content creators have three options through which they can address their Flash to HTML 5 conversion needs.

(a) Using Adobe’s Extensions to Flash: Adobe currently offers a complementary extension to Flash Professional CS6, CreateJS, an open source framework which enables content authors to leverage the rich drawing and animation capabilities of the Flash environment, while also enabling the transition to HTML 5 based content. As of the date of this writing, CreateJS Version 1.2 functions as an export panel which converts existing content into a HTML 5 compatible canvas, into which interactive functionality can be programmed using JavaScript.

The CreateJS toolkit is available for existing users Flash Professional CS6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

(b) Google Swiffy: Swiffy is a Google tool for converting Flash content to HTML 5 compatible format. Google Swiffy takes as input an SWF file, which is then converted into HTML 5 format. This HTML output file from Swiffy is then included in the tag of the final HTML 5 file. Swiffy works by first converting the uploaded SWF file into a JSON file, and at run time, uses a client side JavaScript code to load this JSON file.

Despite the prevalence of options to convert Flash to HTML 5, there are several portability and compatibility issues to be addressed. For instance, there exists a wide base of end users who still use Internet Explorer 6.0 (the current version is IE 9), or one of the earlier versions of popular browsers which do not have HTML 5 support. Rendering Flash content on such browsers would be more of a possibility than taking the pains to convert the same into HTML 5 format. Portability may also be an issue at times, since Flash files created using ActionScript 2.0 (the objected oriented scripting language tightly integrated with the Adobe Flash platform) may be converted using Google Swiffy, whereas Flash files created using ActionScript 3.0 may not be fully convertible to HTML 5 format using Swiffy.

In conclusion, Flash to HTML 5 conversion remains a possibility today, but is largely determined by the complexity of animation/interactivity that is included in the content. With the move towards increased HTML 5 adoption, it is likely that more and more options will present themselves to content creators for conversion of Flash to HTML 5. In a similar manner, the sophistication of existing options is also likely to improve with time. All these developments, when seen from the long term perspective, indicate a promising future for the interactive content creation and distribution industry.


Advantages of EPUB 3 Using HTML 5

EPUB3 and HTML5 today have become an integral part of the e-publishing landscape.  Both these are excellent examples of technology/industry standards that have evolved over time and converged to bring about a vast change in digital publishing.  EPUB and HTML started off as independent standards targeted towards fundamentally different end user applications.  But end-user demands on how they access and consume content have completely changed the dynamics of the digital publishing industry.
The relationship between EPUB3 and HTML5 is so strong that it would be appropriate to say that the EPUB3 standard relies heavily on the HTML5 standard.  The EPUB3 standard has been published by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).  HTML5 is a markup language whose specifications have been developed by Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  The primary objective of the EPUB specification was to define a content interchange format for digital publications based on XML and web standards.  The HTML5 standard subsumes previous versions of HTML, and provides a standardized approach to incorporating multimedia and graphical content (audio and video) in web applications.  The EPUB3 specification embraces HTML5 and CSS3, thereby providing a facility for publishers to deliver media rich, interactive e-books to its readers.  While the EPUB standards are more specifically tied to the publishing industry, the HTML5 standard is developed around the needs of the global information and communications technology industry. 
Advantages of EPUB 3 Using HTML 5
Apart from other enhancements when compared to earlier versions, the HTML5 standard broadly incorporates the following new syntactic elements:

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Canvas
  4. Support for incorporating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  5. Support for incorporating MathML (mathematical formulas)
  6. CSS 3 support

All of these enhancements contribute in one way or the other to the EPUB 3 standard so as to deliver the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced support for styling and layout:  CSS3 support ensures that EPUB3 now separates content from the presentation mechanism.  The way content is displayed could be managed based on user preferences, type of device being used, or even the geographic location of end users. 
  2. Global Language Support:  One of the enhancements of HTML 5 was vertical writing (typically encountered in Japanese language publishing), and right-to-left spine progression (typically encountered in Japanese and Arabic language publishing).  By incorporating HTML5, EPUB3 now opens up a prominent segment of the e-publishing market.
  3. Enhanced Media Support: EPUB3 supports the inclusion of audio and video elements that make the content richer.  Enhanced support for media overlays ensures that there is a more standardized, publication wide support for synchronization between text and audio voice over.

At the date of this writing, digital publishers encounter the need predominantly for EPUB 2 support, since a large chunk of the e-books being sold today are fiction and text centric titles that currently do not need the level of enhancements promised by HTML5.  However, when we consider the case of e-text books, for instance, it is a natural progression to include integrated assignments, 3-D models, and media content to guarantee a richer reading experience.  It would hence be appropriate to say that the day is not far off when users will demand a richer experience when accessing content, regardless of the end user application.
The importance of EPUB3 and HTML5 can also be viewed from the perspective of long term benefits.  The American Association of Publishers (AAP) has recently announced an aggressive initiative to promote EPUB3 standard as the accepted global distribution format for e-books.  Dubbed the EPUB3 Implementation Project, its goal is to rapidly advance the adoption of EPUB3 by publishers and retailers over the next six months and have publishers release a large number of titles to the marketplace that use the standard in the first quarter of 2014.  The simple reason for this push from AAP is that readers are inevitably going to demand more interactivity and richness from the content they access, if not on the short term, definitely on the medium to long term. 
Technical aspects aside, the main strategic advantage of adopting EPUB 3 using HTML 5 for digital publishers is twofold:  at one end of the spectrum, they will be relevant in the market place, and at the other end of the spectrum, they will be well positioned to address the needs of a significant chunk of the market.
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What format to choose, Epub3 or HTML 5 based Apps?

What format to choose, Epub3 or HTML 5 based Apps?
Please find the below advantages and choose for yourself. 
Advantages of Epub 3 
Fixed Layout 
• HTML5 
• CSS 3 Animations 
• Audio 
• Video 
• Media Overlays 
• SVG 
• MathML 
• Scripting 
• Linking 
• Accessibility 
• Game 
• Animation 
• Interactive animation and sound 
• Local storage 
• Geo-location 
Normal Layout 
• Read Aloud 
Advantages of HTML5 to App Features 
• Text synchronized audio 
• Audio & Video 
• Games (Puzzle, Painting, etc…) 
• Bookmarks 
• Recording 
• Interactive animation and sound 
• 3D image 
• Slideshow 
• Embedded website 
• Embedded YouTube 
• Facebook 
• Camera 
• Panorama 
• Local storage 
• Pinch zoom 
We at equire can offer these services based on specific clients requirement or as a bundle package since many of our clients want their books to be compatible to different devices like Ipad, KF 8, and Nook. 
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E books , HTML 5, I books, ePub 3 , Fixed layout Books ,Interactive Book Apps & Digital Typesetting


I would like to introduce myself as Nataraj Sasid from EquireTechnologies . Equiretech is one of the leading providers of content and media technology solutions and services to world’s leading media, publishing and information services companies likeSmart kids USA,Cengage,NatGeo,Abc melody France,Gemser Spain,Santillana,Mobcast,Hachette France, Egmont and many more top publisher. We help our client in creating and managing content more efficiently and economically.

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  • Animation Graphics


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Which is the Best reading device Ipad/KF8/Nook or which one?

The digital publishing industry has changed so much after the launch of ipad. Now we are having new devices being launched every month with added features and distinct cost advantages. With the content being so much interactive with use of html 5 and Interactive book apps especially in children book the publishers or confused to choose the format to convert and the reader are confused in the devices to buy. The best solution for this will be a global format which can be loaded in any device which will result in reducing cost for publishers as they a stick to a single format so that the end user will also be benefited from this .Will IDPF  would be able to take a call on this.


Please provide your valuable feedback  on how to sort out this challenge ?