What format to choose, Epub3 or HTML 5 based Apps?

What format to choose, Epub3 or HTML 5 based Apps?
Please find the below advantages and choose for yourself. 
Advantages of Epub 3 
Fixed Layout 
• HTML5 
• CSS 3 Animations 
• Audio 
• Video 
• Media Overlays 
• SVG 
• MathML 
• Scripting 
• Linking 
• Accessibility 
• Game 
• Animation 
• Interactive animation and sound 
• Local storage 
• Geo-location 
Normal Layout 
• Read Aloud 
Advantages of HTML5 to App Features 
• Text synchronized audio 
• Audio & Video 
• Games (Puzzle, Painting, etc…) 
• Bookmarks 
• Recording 
• Interactive animation and sound 
• 3D image 
• Slideshow 
• Embedded website 
• Embedded YouTube 
• Facebook 
• Camera 
• Panorama 
• Local storage 
• Pinch zoom 
We at equire can offer these services based on specific clients requirement or as a bundle package since many of our clients want their books to be compatible to different devices like Ipad, KF 8, and Nook. 
Our Clients 
We currently serve clients like Amazon, Cengage, Santillana, Hachette France, Egmont, Cheneliere education, Smart kids USA, NatGeo, Abc melody France, Gemser Spain, Mobcast and many more top publisher. We help our client in creating and managing content more efficiently and economically. 
Please contact us for free demo! 
Nataraj Sasid 
Equiretechnologies Private limited 



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