Do publishers and conversion houses really make use of the advantages of outsourcing?

My answer for the above question will be no. Most of the publishers and conversion houses around the world outsource their project based on the vendor’s size, marketing potential and mostly their long relationship with them. They generally hesitate to try out new options fearing time consumed for it by which they miss out the real advantage of outsourcing.

For example when most publishers and conversion houses outsource the project to a large vendor A for an approximate cost of 100 $, the A vendor in turns outsource it to their suppliers to a cost of 50 $   . In turns they do have other suppliers who will be doing this project for 25 $.

This is because of the bulk orders getting locked into a limited number of suppliers around the word some of the disadvantages of it are as follows.

  1. The actual cost of production is much higher than what is should be.
  2. Time of production is much slower since multiple vendors are involved.
  3. And the biggest data security.

Best ways to identify a good supplier.

  1. Check out for references from their existing clients and the credibility of their clients.
  2. Sign out an NDA to make sure that they are not using any other external suppliers.
  3. Do a demo job with them to check their quality and turnaround.
  4. Compare the quote with their competitors.

Might be some of the solution for getting the real advantage from outsourcing for more in-depth question please feel free to contact me at


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