Profitable Ebooks – Get your content ready for I-pad & Kindle without any additional cost.

In today’s digital world, the top publishers won’t be offering traditional content products instead they are looking at go digital.  From Kindle , iPad, Sony eBooks are a path to vastly more effective mobile content delivery.   And whether you produce trade and consumer publications, textbooks, novels − as technology rapidly enables more intelligent, interactive content  −new strategies are required to bring products to market faster, more profitably, we at Equire help you to achieve those.

Please fix an appointment with us to learn more about us in Frankfurt or mail us for more information’s!

1. How to get your content Digitalized.

2. Tools that make content digitalized faster, accurate and cheaper.

3. What you need to know about page composition for your book.

4. Future of eBooks.



Nataraj Sasid 
Ph 91-413-4205040 
Mob 91-9787916916


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