Earth and Moon We dream. We write. We weigh our options and then choose a path. For some, it is the pathway of self-publishing. We’re reaching for the stars… preferably the five stars of book ratings. Our dream is in our hands as we hold our very first baby, I mean…novel, in our own hands. We have succeeded! Uh, well…almost. As we examine our first-born we see defects that shouldn’t be there. And then we look closer…where did that come from or, how did that get past the editor?
Now, as I have gotten older, I don’t seem to take myself as seriously as I once did. But what I am looking at in my book I take very seriously. And what I see is something I thought the editors (you know, the people I had to pay) were supposed to fix. You see, I’m a storyteller…not a grammatical genius. I love…

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